2 Minutes

The moon is high and the sky is dark when I greet the day. My husband is already at work, and in less than 3 hours I will be too. In those short 3 hours I will get ready for work, Get my three daughters dressed, load them into the car to go to their grandmother’s, Then go to work. It is a hectic routine, but it’s ours so we manage just fine.

Whether you are spending your mornings packing lunches and chasing toddlers, or commuting to your 9-5 we all feel it: The chaos of the day consumes you; some days are worse than others. While juggling my commitments as an employee, a mother, a wife, and a creator I have felt the constant dedication to others suck the joy out of the things that bring me happiness and peace. After desperately trying to make tame for stillness, it never worked out. My stillness was stolen time, multi tasking between taking a deep breath and cooking dinner. It wasn’t what I had in my mind. After weeks of feeling like I was resting on the back burner, I took 2 minutes. 2 minutes to experience stillness, 120 seconds to think about me with a cup of coffee, 2 minutes out of over 1400 in a day. Soon that 2 minutes once turned into every day. Now, each day I take 2 minutes to myself, alone, Those 2 minutes have made me feel more grateful. Grateful for my husbands jokes, my kids weird questions, and especially grateful for hot coffee and silence. 

So I implore you moms pouring from a cup that has been empty for weeks, take just 2 minutes to love yourself, be yourself, and grow yourself. You deserve every last second. 

“Keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again.” – Lalah Delia

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