Master Bedroom Makeover

Hello & Happy Wednesday. I hope everyone has been staying safe in these tough times. With us being home more than ever, I thought it was finally time to turn the room my husband and I sleep in into the master bedroom that I envisioned it to be when we moved a year ago. We moved in when I was 7 months pregnant with Baby #3 so decorating our room was far from my mind. That resulted in a room that was not really messy and didn’t make me happy to be in it.

Our room didn’t actually have any kind of decor or direction. I knew I wanted something Minimal and clean with lots of texture. I would have liked to move furniture around, but there wasn’t an alternate area to mount the television (even though I can’t remember the last time we watched it).

The 3 biggest changes to the room were the removal of the clunky, wobbly lamp, adding curtains to the large, beautiful window we have, and making the yellow an accent on the bed instead of the main event. I dragged the grey drawers from our closet, and used a lot of things we already had for decorations, including making the wall hanging out of extra bulky yarn and part of an old wall hanging.

What’s something you’d change about your bedroom? I plan on making this a fun little series to include, the kids rooms, our patio, an our living room.

Until next time,


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