Birth Story: S

Hello! I hope everyone is having an amazing week! Today the very first episode of The Mountain Wild Podcast aired! I am so excited to share stories about Motherhood, Marriage, and our life in Colorado with all of you. I will still be posting to the blog and hopefully posting more frequently as some conversations are better read than listened to. So along with me telling my birth stories, I will also be providing a written version including more resources and information. So I hope all of you enjoy The story of our eldest daughter’s birth!

To Give a little backstory, I had paid for my pregnancy test with quarters. I was 17, had just started a new job and college… Needless to say I was nowhere near ready for a baby. Fast forward 28 weeks of research, anxiety, and spaghetti with sour cream, I waddled into my 37 week ultrasound, excited to see my daughter again. I craned my neck to watch the tech measure and document her growth, smiling at her cute little outline and hoping that everything was going according to plan…. It wasn’t. With 3 weeks until mu due date, little S was already over 8 pounds. She was measuring full term and ultimately, the recommendation was to be induced. I waited, terrified that It was already time until my Doctor told me could wait the last 3 weeks out.. Baby would come any day now since she was so big.

My due date came… and then it passed. Back in the Doctor’s office one day after my due date, I was measured, poked, prodded, then told that it was time. Baby wasn’t ready but she would be soon enough because I was being induced. To say that I was unprepared was an understatement. I had planned a natural hospital birth with no pain killers and no epidural. I had printed my birth plan and moved on to other things not realizing that I couldn’t just will the perfect birth into existence. I furiously googled induction methods while they wheeled me into the Labor and Delivery, Brahms lullaby playing back to back for every baby born. I was anxious to finally meet the little person who had shared space inside me for so long.

I was mourning the peaceful birth I had envisioned

Once Inside the hospital room, I was hooked up to pitocin, and IV, and a band to help monitor contractions and fetal movement. The first hour gave me some hope. I was able to take breaks from monitoring and move around, I was relaxed, and while I was mildly uncomfortable, it wasn’t nearly as awful as the stories you hear when you’re pregnant…. Then Active labor began. From then on, all I could do ids writhe in pain and scream while nurses arrived with alternative pain management. Heating pads, a Tens device, and a nurse trying to coach me through Lamaze breathing were slowly starting to take the edge off. Then at 5 cm. dilated, I went back to being a screaming and now vomiting mess. I was only halfway done and I surrendered. I requested the epidural and waited disheartened and crying. I was mourning the peaceful birth I had envisioned.

After receiving the epidural, I was finally able to relax for the first time in several hours. I fell asleep for an hour before the next minor issue occurred.. All the moving I had previously done caused my IV to infiltrate. The nurses scrambled to locate a new IV spot with my arm swollen with water and painful to touch.

Eventually, Active Labor turned into Transitional. The pain knocked the wind out of me even with the epidural steadily administering medication. Surely this meant it was time to meet her? While I was getting closer, I was only 7cm. dilated. After 24 hours in labor, they decided to break my water. After feeling the gush of water that I had planned to feel in the comfort of my own home, Things progressed quickly. It was time. Nurses swarmed around me lifting my legs and preparing me for delivery. Every push felt like I was ripping myself in half. I was following the nurses guiding while screaming I couldn’t do it, Until someone yelled stop. Her shoulders were stuck. Time passed slowly as they maneuvered her into a safer position. Each second dragged on until they finally said ‘One more push’. One final push with nurses holding my hands, S was here. At 18 years old, I had given birth to a 9 lb. 8 oz. baby. Seeing her sweet little face was worth every second.

What followed after her birth was unexpected. My sweet little newborn was sent to the Nicu at 3 days old. Her oxygen saturation was low and bilirubin levels high. Only a few days after, I was readmitted to the hospital with a uterine infection. I spent a week shuffling from one end of the floor to the other to visit her between antibiotic drips. After 2 weeks, It was finally time to bring her home.

In the years to follow we have experienced triumphs, struggles, laughter, and tears, S introduced me to the beautiful chaos of motherhood and every challenge was worth seeing her fave every morning.

Note: While I was fortunate enough to have a good support system during my pregnancy, not all young women are. For resources helping teen parents please go to the following websites.


I look forward to sharing the next birth story with you next week. Please tune in to Mountain Wild Podcast wherever you enjoy your podcasts or click on the link on the Home Page. Have a great day and stay wild!



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