Birth Story: L

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re week is going well. Today we are going over the second of three birth stories! If you haven’t already read the first one find it here. This birth story is also available on Mountain Wild Podcast!

It wasn’t long after S was born that I found myself pacing the bathroom waiting for a digital pregnancy test. S was 9 months old and our Marriage only 6 months. After finally settling into life as a married couple and parents to a little girl.. It was time to prepare ourselves for life as a family of 4. I was pregnant.

The pregnancy wasn’t horrible. Armed with the memory of my last pregnancy’s aches and pains fresh on the brain, I was prepared for how I was going to feel. Names were mulled over, Doctor visits attended, and an induction date of 38 weeks was set. Finally after months of waiting, It was December and time to welcome our second little girl into the world.

We arrived to the hospital at midnight. Tired and still in our pajamas we were led to the maternity ward. We were the only couple there and the room was swarming with nurses that didn’t have anything else to do. After a few minutes, I was hooked up to an IV and prostaglandin had been administered. The plan was to wait until 7 AM and then I would be hooked up to pitocin. I tried to get some rest, knowing what was coming bright and early in the morning.

I didn’t get much sleep. At 3:30 AM contractions were coming fast and hard. I was crying, vomiting, and begging for an epidural. I knew it was almost time to push… After an hour of trying to convince the nurses of what I already knew, the anesthesiologist rolled in to give me the pain relief I had asked for.

Before the Epidural could kick in, it as time to push. After arguing more with the nurses milling around my room, someone finally checked. I was 10 cm dilated and baby was coming right now. Scrambling to prepare for the impending push and trying to get in contact with the on call doctor, I was told I needed to wait to push. After what felt like forever, the doctor rushed in, gloves on, and it was time to bring our second child earth side after only 5 hours into induction.

Seconds felt like they spanned into hours.

After 4 pushes the room fell silent. The doctor pulled our blueish purple baby into view, nurses aggressively suctioning at her nose and mouth. Seconds felt like they spanned into hours as I felt my heart start to break. Were we bringing our daughter home? Finally, we heard her squeaky cry.

At 8 lbs. 8 oz. L as here and the pinkness was returning to her face. After 18 months of parenthood and 15 months of marriage, we were new parents all over again.

Since adding L to our family, she has grown into a fiery preschooler. She marches to her own and drum and makes sure her Big sister can’t even keep up.

I look forward to sharing the next birth story with you next week. Please tune in to Mountain Wild Podcast wherever you enjoy your podcasts or click on the link on the Home Page. Have a great day and stay wild!


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