Birth Story: A

Happy Wednesday! Today is the final birth story on here as well as on the Mountain Wild Podcast. If you haven’t already, check out the posts for my daughters S and L.

After over 2 years of being a family of four and enjoying all the laughter and fun that comes with toddlers, we decided it was time to add another set of little feet. It was’t long after that and we were announcing our third pregnancy between thanksgiving dinners ad gift exchanges.

Unlike my other pregnancies, this one would require special attention. Shortly after L was born, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We passed the weeks visiting specialists and making extra appointments with a plan to diagnose at 38 weeks. The weeks felt slow ad we were all ready to welcome another daughter.

I felt it. That familiar pressure low in my abdomen

When the day finally came, we rode the elevator up to the third floor our kids safely visiting family knowing that when they saw mommy again they’d meet their baby sister.

It took about an hour to get fully set up. With fetal monitoring around my waist and lines of Glucose, Insulin, IV fluid, and Pitocin leading to my arms, we were ready to play the waiting game that is labor. After hours of listening to my labor playlist ad talking to my husband, The pain ad pressure started to increase. I was no longer able to breathe alongside music through the pain and accepted the doctors offer of an epidural.

After only an hour after receiving the epidural, I felt it. That familiar pressure low in my abdomen. It was time to push. The nurses helped me into th stirrups and the Doctor calmly coached me through. After 4 pushes A was born. Our sweet little girl was 8lbs 6oz with a full head of dark hair. I cried tears of joy as she was placed onto my chest. This sweet baby who was already trying to lift her small head was ours.

Before we could fully celebrate, there was one problem; I was still hemorrhaging. My uterus was’t contracting after 3 nurses pressed on my abdomen. The next several minutes were a blur. Nurses ran back and forth injecting me with medication to stop the bleeding and massaging my abdomen trying to make it contract. Finally, they were able to use a bakri balloon to stop the bleeding. I was safe, baby was safe, and it was finally time to enjoy sweet newborn cuddles.

Adding a third baby was one of the best decisions we have made. Our lives have been full of laughter and joy. Our hearts and home are overflowing and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

While I don’t have any more of my own birth stories of my ow to share, I’m excited to bring more podcast episodes and blog posts! If you want to listen to the Mountain Wild Podcast, please clock the link on the home page. I hope all of you are staying safe. Have a great rest of your week and stay wild!


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