An Open Letter To My Childless Friends

when we met I told myself that we would never be friends; Who would want to be friends with a mom aside from other moms? What could I bring to a friendship that wasn’t centered around bibs and bottles?

I tried to keep you at an arms distance. It could only end one way; with missed conversations, postponed gatherings, and fading interest. I just wasn’t cut out for friendship.

At some point I gave in. We became friends over Gifs, memes, and bite sized conversation between calls at work. I shared parts of my life that I had kept close to my chest. You gave me advise, supported me through the death of a loved one. A friendship unlike any friendship I had before. A real one.

We don’t see each other in the office or around town. Life has taken us in different directions. While you’ve left the state you haven’t left me behind. Thank you for being my friend. And Thank you for reminding me that not everything I do has to be for someone else.

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