5 Socially Distant Date Night Ideas

During a time where connecting with distant loved ones has become harder, Connecting with your spouse has become even easier. As a rule, My husband and I agree to have 1 date night a month. This time allows us to connect and appreciate each other on a regular basis. So here are 5 socially distant date night ideas to help you connect a little better.

Walk a Trail: A quick hike is a scenic, fun, and cheap way to get some fresh air and spend time together. Make sure to charge your camera for some photos to remember your hike by. Not sure of any trails near you? Use Alltrails.com to find the right trail at the right difficulty.

Pillow Fort & A Movie: You don’t have to leave to have a good time. Channel your inner child and make a pillow fort for two. Complete your cozy fort with snacks and a movie.

Make Brunch Together: Spend time together and have an awesome breakfast for two.

Game Night: Weather you are playing Yahtzee or Diablo, Game night is an awesome date night when you don’t have someone to watch the kids and you just need some time together.

Take a Drive: While we aren’t hopping in the car to commute too much anymore, Taking a nice drive with a cup of coffee is an easy, relaxed date night.

Hope you enjoy this weeks post. If you haven’t already, listen to the latest podcast where I talk more about date nights and how important they are. See you next week!

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