Protecting My Children’s Privacy

Please Note: This post is not meant to shame or condemn parents who post the names and faces of their children. This is simply my perspective.

When S was born, I was excited to share this beautiful chubby cheeked baby with social media… So I did. Photos, moments, and everything parenting threw at me I threw onto Facebook. I continued this with Instagram, Twitter, and my previous blog until I set my Instagram to a business profile. I now had access to impressions. The number was larger than I thought. Hundreds of people scrolling past and looking at the beautiful faces of my children… And they couldn’t say no. I wasn’t giving my kids something that I had. The choice to share. I wasn’t respecting their privacy. Yes they are my children, but that doesn’t give me the right. As their mother my job is to provide them love, safety, and raise them up to be goo people. Violating their privacy was not my job. And even as a blogger, their names and faces were not necessary to share to document my life as a parent. Contrary to what social media told me, I could provide my children with privacy and share wisdom and lessons I’ve learned being a mother. So I removed their photos and names from websites, Deleted the Facebook and Instagram, and allowed my kids to be seen by the people they wanted to be seen by. One day they may choose to have their names online, and they may give me permission to post their names and faces. But that is their choice, not mine.

See you next Wednesday!

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