Holiday Planner Set (Free Printable)

Ho Ho Happy Wednesday Everyone! I know it feels like we are barely into October, but if you have a family as big as ours, you’ve been thinking about the holidays since July. It’s the most wonderful but also most stressful time of the year. While I could go and tell you to remember the reason for the season and take time for yourself, I’m not going to. As parents, we are all scrambling by the time the Halloween sugar high fades. As a mother of 3 with a brain that’s running a mile a minute no amount of peppermint mochas and hallmark movies will unwind those tangled holiday thoughts. The only thing that has allows me to not totally lose my mind (and my patience) during this season of love, giving, and warm fuzzy feels is putting my thoughts down on paper. So, I decided to make some cute little printable planners for the Holiday Season! I’m not a graphic design genius but I had a lot of fun making these. I hope they are useful to all of you and they’re free! Who doesn’t love something free during a season that seems to break the bank every year? Anyways, I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them. I will be back next week with another post and podcast Episode. Happy Planning!

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