Staying Grateful During The Holidays

I almost can’t believe that Thanksgiving is just over weeks away. I always have a grand list of things I want to do during the colorful parts of fall. Then in two blinks the trees are bare and our colorfully painted pumpkins are rotting on the back porch. The fall family fun is wrapping up and the holiday season is here. A time of year where we give to others and fill our cups with kindness, love, family, and stress. Stress over making fun family memories , affording the mile long wish list your kids wrote for Santa, having too many holiday plans packed in, Or balancing work, life, and the 10th holiday party that popped up on your calendar. During a time where we want to be overwhelmed with warm feelings, it can be hard to hold onto those when you’re walking through 3 crowded stored to find all the ingredients you need for Thanksgiving dinner. It can be hard to feel grateful when creating that holiday spirit falls on your shoulder. I’ve felt it before myself. So consumed by making sure we make memories that all I can remember is how stressed and frustrated I felt and how jaded and let down I felt when I couldn’t overextend myself to make it all come together. I even noticed myself doing it when we get to the pumpkin patch. My plan fell through. Instead of fun photos of my 3 girls on haystacks and holding pumpkins, I was running to the car, tot on hip because she was cold. No photos, a mile logged on my step tracker, and not enough pumpkins for our whole family. I was upset but the kids came back to the car holding kettle corn with big smiles. The memory was made. A happy one of pumpkin picking, kettle corn, and a red nosed little sister being whisked away to the warm car while Dad paid for their spoils. It was a humbling moment. So this holiday season I’ll be present, and grateful for the family I have, the love we share, and the imperfectly perfect moments we share that aren’t caught on camera.

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