Toddler Gift Guide

Happy Thursday everyone!!! These past few weeks have been so chaotic and I ended up missing my Wednesday post day! But here I am with another post and my final gift guide. This one for our favorite little tots in our life. check out 6 cute options below.

  1. Four Seasons Books. Reading to your child everyday helps to improv upon their social and language skills. add onto the benefits by teaching them about the four seasons with this et of books.
  2. Eco – Kids Finger Paint. safe for tasting and painting, arts and crafts time is a lot less stressful with this all natural finger paint.
  3. Honeysticks Coloring Book and Crayons. A coloring book made of recycled paper and all natural crayons sized for little hands. A great option for toddlers who love to keep busy.
  4. Children of the Forest. This book was too charming not to add to the list. sweet stories set in the forest have a soft spot in my heart.
  5. Enchanted Play Silk. A shawl, a scarf, a cape, a colorful flag. This play silk is perfect for imaginative play.
  6. Sumbaby Play Tent This tent is the perfect hideaway for little ones who are just learning to play.

What do you plan on getting your tots this holiday season? I’ll see you next week!


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